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Each morning, your team provides me with an easy to read overview of the days weather. This is the least that I could do when the forecasting team here provides me with a forecast 365 days per year.

Anonymous$20 Donation

Thank you for all that you do.

Michelle$10 Donation

Thank you, forecasting team. You guys are quick to respond, always timely, and never hype the forecast. The best in the business.

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Hello friends and readers,

For the greater part of the past 7 years, New York Metro Weather has been a completely free organization. We provide forecasts, videos, data, and opinions on weather events which occur in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas. Our mission and effort has always been to give people the information that they need about the weather in a straightforward, concise manner. Confusion is abound in this community and we hope to have been a breath of fresh air for you in the midst of that — by explaining and detailing the more complicated parts of meteorology.

Put simply, in order to continue maintaining the website and providing these forecasts, we are beginning our second annual donation drive. For the next 3 weeks we will present you with a donation button. All money donated will be handled securely. The funds donated at  the end of the donation drive will go directly back into the website/New York Metro Weather, and aid us significantly in maintenance and server costs.  These are things which we typically pay through our own pocket — but with increased traffic, and the need to upgrade our server, we would appreciate your help.

We appreciate every bit of help that you are able to offer us. It is our hope that we can continue to provide timely, accurate and easy to understand forecasts and information for the foreseeable future.

Donators will receive 1 free month of premium client forecasts! We will contact you at the email provided, and starting the morning after the donation our forecasters will provide you with location-based forecasts for one month. No credit card subscription or payment necessary.

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The Forecasting Team