The weather was pleasant in the NYC Area today, but all eyes were on a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico - pictured here on the evening of June 6 2013.

PM Update: Pleasant evening, clouds on the increase

A gorgeous Wednesday is wrapping up throughout the NYC Area with temperatures in the middle 70’s and light southerly winds — a true gem of a day which featured low humidity and enjoyable conditions for early June. The pleasant weather is on the way out by later this week, however, with clouds increasing on Thursday and chances for rain increasing as well. Periods of steady rain are possible with tropical moisture surging into the area this weekend.

Rest of Tonight: Pleasant evening, with temperatures in the middle 70’s, falling into the upper 50’s. A bit cooler, as usual, near the shore and in the suburbs. Clouds could increase by later in the overnight period towards early morning.

Thursday: Partly to mostly cloudy in the morning with some breaks in the clouds during the afternoon. The showers should hold off until late — so it appears that Thursday could be salvaged. Highs in the lower 70’s throughout the area with a southeast breeze. It will be a little cooler near the shore.

Tropical Storm Andrea forms, remnants likely to impact the area: NWS Recon planes found Tropical Storm force winds and a closed center in a tropical entity in the Gulf of Mexico this evening — and will begin issuing advisories on Tropical Storm Andrea tonight. More importantly for our area, the tropical system will be scooped up by a progressive trough over the Ohio Valley late this week.

Forecast models are in good agreement on the fact that a surface low will eventually make its way up the east coast — with periods of heavy rain likely near and to the west of the surface low. The exact track of the surface low remains somewhat uncertain, and will determine where the heaviest rain falls. Regardless, it looks like a cloudy and rainy forecast from Thursday Night through Saturday.

Cicadas peaking in the suburbs: Just three weeks after they first appeared, the 17 year Brood II Magiciadas are causing a dramatic ruckus in the suburbs of NYC including New Jersey, Southeast NY and Connecticut. Many areas in Northeast NJ (specifically Union. Morris and Essex counties) have reported millions per square mile. The sound of the cicadas mating call is one of the loudest sounds in nature.

The cicadas will make a ton of noise over the next few days — but after mating will begin to die off as quickly as they came. After the females lay eggs in the branches, the cicadas will die off completely. The nymphs will hatch from the branches later this summer, and drop to the ground. Soon after they will bury underground, and won’t be seen again for another 17 years.

GOES 13 will return tomorrow: The “broken” weather satellite GOES-13 is expected to return to service on June 6th, 2013. The satellite has been out of service since May 22nd, 2013 after suffering from an unknown disturbance. Our friends at Climate Central have all the details.