WeatherEyes Podcast

Introductory Briefing

We are excited, and proud, to introduce our new weekly podcast WeatherEyes. Each Monday evening at 8:00pm (and sometimes during the week as well), our forecasters will join you live to chat about the weather across the United States, covering various topics of interest based on the ongoing events, month, or season. While meant to be a light-hearted discussion, we’ll often dive into technical details of weather events as well, and live-stream model guidance on occasion.

The WeatherEyes podcast will usually feature John Homenuk and Doug Simonian, owners at New York Metro Weather, with appearances from Miguel Pierre (our lead forecaster) as well as guest appearances. Our call line will always be open as well, and we’ll entertain your questions and comments each week.

Each live show will be available as a podcast immediately after broadcast. In addition, Premium Members will gain access to podcasts multiple times per week as the weather gets busier this winter. WeatherEyes will debut October 3rd, 2016 at 8:00pm!


For more information on Premium Membership, the podcast, or for general inquiries, get in touch using the contact form

New York Metro Weather is:

John Homenuk

Doug Simonian

Miguel Pierre