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NCAR Ensembles showing the development of severe convection across much of Southern MN on Sunday.

Storm Chase 2017 Day 1: Cap concerns, analysis and more

It’s hard to describe what the first day of storm chasing feels like. A rush of blood and a little bit of pain. We’re heading out on the road, with a pit stop in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood for breakfast and a coffee. While we’re on the topic — can’t speak highly enough about this […]

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Storm Chase 2017: Second day model analysis and much more

When I was in the 10th grade, I bought my first cell phone. I mean I actually bought it, with my own money from my own work. It was a hell of an accomplishment for my teenaged self, and I was proud of it. I was more proud that it was a first edition iPhone, and […]

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Storm Chase 2017: First day of planning, prep, and targeting

They say the excitement builds early for these things. I suppose that excitement was found this afternoon in Home Depot, when I finally located the power inverter I was looking for. Safety and precautions are a long, drawn out process and we aren’t taking any shortcuts with this one, but in all seriousness we are […]