Zone Forecasts, Text Alerts Announced

August 1st, 2016

We are proud to announce that Zone Forecasts and Text Alerts are now available to all Premium Members. After a prolonged period of development, both products have officially launched as of this morning. These products are available to all Premium Members, available on the dashboard as well as their own individual pages.

Over the past several weeks, our forecasting team has worked hard to develop these two new products. It was important to us, upon launch, that these products would serve as a valuable benefit to all Premium Members. We developed each product with the end user in mind. We are confident that all of our members, both old and new, will find these features to be a critical component moving forward.

Zone Forecasts will serve as a central hub for forecast information. 10 separate geographical zones have been created, each of which have a different forecast and synoptic overview. These zones are updated multiple times per day by our team of forecasters. This will allow our forecasters to provide more detail in premium forecasts and account for local weather variation. Forecasts will be more accurate and customized.


An example of the zone forecast interface available to Premium Members starting today.

Text Alerts are also available to all Premium Members by using this access link. These alerts will include watches, warnings, advisories, and hazardous weather information. You are welcome to subscribe and unsubscribe at your leisure. These alerts are meant to keep all subscribing Premium Members ahead of any incoming hazardous weather. 

We also have launched a new notifications feature on our main website, which is available by clicking the “bell” on the bottom right side of our home page. These desktop notifications will provide users with the latest information from our forecasters.

We are very excited for the launch of these products, and have several more exciting products which are just around the corner. We can’t wait to share them with you all! 

All the best,

The Forecasting Team

New York Metro Weather is:

John Homenuk (Owner, Forecaster)

Doug Simonian (Owner, Forecaster)

Miguel Pierre (Forecaster)

If you are interested in Premium Membership for your business, or have a question for our for our team of forecasters, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. You can sign up for products directly using our online system or submit an inquiry, which we will respond to in 30 minutes or less. Talk to you soon!