Today's GFS valid for late Thursday night shows a massive Omega blocking pattern, with a cutoff low in the SW US and the Eastern US, with a ridge in between (NEXLAB).

Premium: Omega block returns, with different results

An anomalous blocking pattern has returned for the second time this Spring, but the sensible weather results will be quite different this time around. Instead of falling underneath a large blocking ridge of high pressure, as we did in early April, this blocking pattern has brought (and will continue to bring) persistent troughiness and unsettled weather to our area, as well as below normal temperatures.

The blocking pattern responsible for the troughiness is quite impressive. Higher than normal height anomalies are present throughout much of the Arctic, including Northern Canada and much of the Northwest Atlantic. This blocking is something that seemingly hid itself during the winter months — which some are certainly thankful for, as its presence would lead to extreme cold and snow. Unfortunately, this time of year, it has resulted in clouds, showers, and temperatures in the 50s for this entire week.

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Luke Skywalker

May the 4th Overview: Clouds, Rain, Drizzle…Cut-off Low Woes by Friday

In a galaxy far, far away the weather is probably 1000 times better than it has been here this week. It’s about as miserable as it gets out there. Cold, damp and raw. This all due to omega block, which we’ve been discussing since Sunday, that has set up across over North America this week. While complete washouts aren’t still anticipated, there will be little to force these damp and dreary weather conditions out of the region until the blocking pattern begins to break down this weekend.

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Image courtesy of PSU Ewall

Unsettled Weather Continues for The Rest of This Week

A broad wave of low pressure, along a frontal boundary to the south, has caused rain to fall moderately at times overnight and early this morning. Steady rain is now tapering off to more showers , as this storm system consolidates farther offshore. Skies will continue to remain mostly cloudy this afternoon.  Some more widely scattered showers and areas of fog or drizzle are possible, with a couple more weak disturbances and the right-entrance region of upper-level jet streak coming behind this initial low pressure. Clouds and an onshore flow will keep temperatures from rising much today and dropping much tonight — staying in the upper 50’s.

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