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  • Zone Forecasts

    Forecasts, briefings, and consultation tailored to your company and industry.

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  • Long Range Forecasts

    Tailored weekly, monthly, and seasonal outlooks.

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  • Winter Forecasting Services

    Verified snowfall totals, reanalysis, and tailored winter outlooks.

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  • Event Forecasts

    Forecasts and consultation for your event, concert, or public venue.

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About Us

New York Metro Weather specializes in providing personalized, custom-made forecasts to a wide range of businesses and industries.  Our team works to develop a direct relationship with each of our clients, helping to bridge the gap in understanding how weather impacts your business. We use the best data, technology, and resources to deliver accurate and personalized weather forecasts — and keep you ahead of any impending storm.

Basic Membership

Interact with our team of meteorologists while gaining access to the latest technical meteorology information in your area. The Members Dashboard is a portal to the latest weather information.


Take the guessing game out of the weather forecast. Zone forecasts, hazards briefings, and 24/7 consultation included. A relationship with our team will start saving your business money today.


Weekly, monthly, and seasonal outlooks tailored to your interests or company. Videos and a 24/7 live stream will give you the advantage of knowing the weather pattern ahead of time.

Event Forecasting

A personalized forecast with tailored hazards alerts will keep your event ahead of any storm. On-site meteorologists are available to assist you in any preparation or hazards management.

Proven over time.

“Every day when I wake up, I check the dashboard at New York Metro Weather. There’s no reason to check anything else. The information and detail provided is second to none, plus they take the time to explain what is happening and why.”

Mike GonzotaPremium Member

“I used to search online for a basic, area-wide forecast. Now I have a personalized forecast each day that makes my day so much easier. The emails and consultation I receive each day has saved me time, money and stress in countless situations.”

Gary RussoPremium Member

“The team at New York Metro Weather has had a huge impact on my company. As a general contractor, their forecasts have saved me thousands of dollars in decision making. I love the relationship we have with their team.”

Brad WeissConsulting Client

“I almost forgot what it was like to have to check the forecast on my own. I’m so glad to have the team at New York Metro Weather on my side. Being a Premium Member is worth the price, and then some more. ”

Jessica OwensPremium Member

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