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New York Metro Weather is a weather forecasting firm that specializes in providing personalized, custom-made forecasts to a wide range of businesses and industries.  Our team works to develop a direct relationship with each of our clients, helping to bridge the gap in understanding how weather impacts your business. Featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and more! 

Public Focus

Aggregating weather information without hype, bias or favoritism is our #1 priority. Welcome to our new public, fully accessible forecasts. We’ll explain the when, where, how and why like you’ve never seen before.

Enterprise Options

Long Range and Agricultural products offer details on the weeks, months, seasons and hazardous events ahead. Updated multiple times each day with videos and a streaming live blog, stay ahead of the market with our teams help.

Looking Back

Hourly forecasts, tailored specifically to your business will save you thousands of dollars on weather-related decisions. Our hourly forecasts and 10-days hazards briefings keep your construction, landscaping or private business ahead of the storm.

Proven results

“Every day when I wake up, I check the dashboard at New York Metro Weather. There’s no reason to check anything else. The information and detail provided is second to none, plus they take the time to explain what is happening and why. There are so many weather sources out there, whether it be an app, the news, or a website. But none of them take the time to explain what’s happening and why like this team does.”

Mike GonzotaPremium Member

“I used to search online for a basic, area-wide forecast. Now I have a personalized forecast each day that makes my day so much easier. The emails and consultation I receive each day has saved me time, money and stress in countless situations. When try to think about the value provided to me by the relationship we have developed with New York Metro Weather, it is hard to quantify. There are benefits every single day.”

Gary RussoPremium Member

“The team at New York Metro Weather has had a huge impact on my company. As a general contractor, their forecasts have saved me thousands of dollars in decision making. I love the relationship we have with their team.”

Brad WeissConsulting Client

“I almost forgot what it was like to have to check the forecast on my own. I’m so glad to have the team at New York Metro Weather on my side. Not only are their forecasts accurate, but they take the time to explain what’s happening and why.”

Jessica OwensPremium Member

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