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Slight Risk (25% probability of occurrence within 25 miles of any point) | Moderate Risk (40% risk of occurrence within 25 miles of any point | High Risk (60% risk of occurrence within 25 miles of any point)

Flooding Rain: The risk of impact from flooding including coastal flooding, flash flooding, river flooding, etc which may be associated with hazardous conditions including flooded or impassable roads, threat of damage to property, threat to life and well being.

Fog: Probability of decreased visibility or hazardous travel due to thick and dense fog. No visibility requirements for a risk area.

Heat: Probability of Heat Index (Air Temp + Humidity) exceeding 90 F.

Severe Storms: Risk of any severe weather within 25 miles of a point (wind, hail, tornadoes).

High Wind: Risk of non-thunderstorm related high-wind gusts over 45 miles per hour.

Tropical: The risk of tropical weather impacts including but not limited to tropical rains, storm surge, or tropical storm force winds.

Fire Danger: The risk of fire danger, owing to low humidity and high winds and the potential for rapid brush or wildfire spread.

Freeze: The risk of a hard freeze mainly limited to temperatures falling below 32 F.