Clearing the fog in the forecast 

Severe thunderstorms, flooding, winter storms and hurricanes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weather hazards experienced in our area. Some of the most diverse weather in the country occurs here. Subscribing to the Storm Alert Package at New York Metro Weather will bring you the peace of mind to continue doing what you do best. Whether for your home, or for your business operations, be confident in making the right decisions when it comes to the weather.

Package Options

We offer several different packages for those requesting services at New York Metro Weather, and we have re-tiered our packages to better suit our clients in the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. Click the package name for specific information and examples.

– Storm Warning Package: Never worry about the weather forecast again. Our Storm Warning service provides you with 24/7 coverage of incoming storms. Our multiple-tiers of alert services will provide you with warning of impending Winter Storms, Severe Thunderstorms, and other hazardous events at least 24-48 hours in advance. Additional services within the package allow you to customize the text messages, e-mails and phone calls you receive directly from our meteorologists when a storm is approaching.

– Professional Package: Develop a direct relationship with the meteorologists at New York Metro Weather. All of the features in the Storm Warning Package are still available, but you also will gain access to our meteorologists more technical information. Our specially designed Analysis, Marine Forecast, Hourly Forecast, Long Range Discussion and Technical Discussion pages will be available to you. The 24/7 coverage doesn’t end there, you can always call and contact any of our meteorologists at any time for consultation on the upcoming forecast.

– Full Service Package: All of the benefits of the above listed plans, plus direct access to our seasonal and weekly forecasts. Worksite forecasts are available for multiple locations, location-specific snowfall, rainfall and severe weather forecasts are also included. Our meteorologists will develop a full-service relationship with our clients, allowing us to keep you and your specific location well ahead of any impending storm. Our forecasts, and the relationship we develop with our clients, will save you or your business time and money.

Upon signing up for a package, you will receive an email within minutes from one of our meteorologists to begin setting up your account. We can’t wait to talk with you! If you haven’t heard from us, use the Contact Form on the top menu to give us a shout or contact us directly at 908-917-9044.