This blog serves as a place where our staff members will update you on changes to our website. You’ll find information on new products here, information on changes to old products, and the low-down on what’s coming up for our website in the next few months.

June 27th, 2014 | Model Page Coming Soon

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on programming our own computer models, which we feel have a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be found anywhere else. Additionally, we will also be plotting variables that are not typically found anywhere else, either — for example, we have plotted precipitable water, surface-based CAPE, surface-based CIN, and 1000-500mb wind shear all together in the same plot. This means that you only have to look at one image to accurately gain a good perspective on the airmass and if it supports severe weather.

Example of one of our computer model plots -- today's NAM's Precipitable Water, SB Cape, SB CIN, and 1000-500mb wind shear.

Example of one of our computer model plots — today’s NAM’s Precipitable Water, SB Cape, SB CIN, and 1000-500mb wind shear, valid for Sunday night.

Additionally, we will have more basic surface forecasts plotted as well, such as surface temperatures, pressure, and wind, with a high enough resolution to accurately depict ocean-induced temperature gradients, but still smooth enough to maintain a high-quality aesthetic appearance that’s easy on the eye.

Another example of our computer models -- today's NAM's forecast temperatures, surface pressure, and winds, valid for 2:00pm on Sunday.

Another example of our computer models — today’s NAM’s forecast temperatures, surface pressure, and winds, valid for 2:00pm on Sunday.

You may notice that we are using them in some of our posts. We are still constructing the models and the model page for the website as we speak. But if you wish to view the models right now, they will temporarily be stored and updated here:

As time goes on, more models will be created, and then a brand new model page with automatically updated plots should be on our website within the next few weeks.

May 15th, 2014 | Changing The Forecast

It has been four years since we changed the Forecast Brief page. This page has served as a one-stop shop for users who are looking to view the forecast in a very simple fashion. The page has been text only, basic but thorough information. When we changed the page to include Watches/Warnings and Hazards, we wanted to try to keep things as simple as possible. But in a graphic day in age, it is hard to maintain a page with text-only information while continuing to drive our product to people who need the information most. That’s why today, we’re introducing a forecast table at the top of the Forecast Brief page. We’ll be updating this table with pretty icons and information every time we update the forecast (twice a day at minimum).

An example of the new forecast table. Cool, right?

An example of the new forecast table. Cool, right?

The old Forecast Brief will remain just below it (around two scrolls down, you can do it). The information will remain exactly the same. Just as clear and concise as usual. We hope you are able to benefit from the new table, and we made every effort to make it as minimalistic as possible.

The one thing we have stressed about this Forecast Brief page since the beginning is that it never uses any algorithms, computers, or extra data. These forecasts are compiled and edited by our meteorologists every day. Yes, real humans.

There are many more additions forthcoming over the next several weeks. We can’t wait to share them with you.


April 29th, 2014 | New things, old things

Our website has undergone some fairly significant changes over the past year. We’ve introduced Daily and Hazards briefings, we’ve offered monthly and yearly personalized forecast services, and we’ve changed the format and upped the frequency of our blog posts. Many things, however, have stayed the same. Our forecasts still have an easy-going and easy to understand tone, our discussions still get technical but only when necessary, and our branding remains unchanged since 2008.

This spring, we’re introducing a new line of products and changes which we think you’ll love. It starts with the introduction of our new Shop, which features New York Metro Weather gear. Currently we’re only housing Tee-Shirts, which are available at a sale price for the next month. In addition, we’ve backed all of our Forecasting Services into this area as well. Basically, all of the products which we “Sell” at New York Metro Weather are now in one central commerce place. You can simply purchase a forecast package from that Shop (and a tee shirt too!) and we’ll contact you immediately to get started.

Additionally, we’re now offering Hazards Briefings for free on our website. They will be posted daily at the typical Hazards Briefing page. These briefings include risk areas for various weather hazards which may be impacting the area, along with a discussion of what’s going down to cause the risk area in the first place. All other daily products will remain unchanged.

There are several more very (very) exciting things coming this Spring, not only with us but with some close friends of ours. We’re sure you are just as excited as we are to get them public. Stay tuned..