We are pleased to announce the public release of our Winter Forecast 2016-2017 on November 14th, 2016. The forecast will be released, in full, with a national outlook as well as a separate outlook detailing the expected weather in the Northeast US including the NYC Metro Area. The documentation will be available in .PDF and .DOC formats for download, as well as available as a post and page on our website. 

In addition we are pleased to announce, for the first time, that our Winter Forecast will be released 7 days earlier to Premium Members, on November 7th, 2016. Premium Members will also gain access to videos, podcasts, and discussions from our forecasters in the days and weeks leading up to the Winter Forecast release. These will be available to all Premium Member tiers (basic membership, consulting clients, etc). 

Finally, we are pleased to announce that a Live Q&A — broadcast on Periscope and recorded as a podcast — will accompany the Winter Forecast 2016-2017 release on November 14th, 2016 at 12:00pm. Our forecasters will discuss our forecast and conduct live “call-in” style Q&A with our readers, clients, and followers. 

We can’t wait to get the forecast out and we are so thankful for all of you who read and contribute to the discussion each year! 


The Forecasting Team

New York Metro Weather is: John Homenuk (Owner/Lead Forecaster), Doug Simonian (Owner, Chief Meteorologist), Miguel Pierre (Forecaster)

Mailing List

In the days and weeks ahead of the forecast, plenty of discussions and media will be posted. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest information from our forecasters as we release it, and be notified when the Winter Forecast is released!


ScreenHunter_293 Mar. 17 17.56

Public Analysis: Snow Possible Saturday, Quiet Week Ahead

Today has been a beautiful day in contrast with the previous few days across the entire area as temperatures have climbed into the mid-upper 40’s the afternoon underneath mostly sunny skies. While it does feel more comfortable outside, these temperatures are still below-normal for this time of year. Some gusty winds were noted this afternoon […]

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3/12 PM All Zones Update: High-Impact Blizzard Likely Tuesday Into Wednesday

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