Today's GEFS valid for the Wednesday evening shows plenty of precipitable water building across the Eastern half of the nation, setting the stage for more rain to develop (Tropical Tidbits).

Active and Wet Pattern to Return Middle of Next Week and Beyond

Good afternoon, everyone! We hope you are enjoying this lovely Friday. For more information on the general day-to-day weather including the slight chance of strong thunderstorms on Easter evening, please refer to the dashboard or the AM Zones Article. This article is going to be focused on the pattern moving forward.

After a winter with really not much in the way of high-latitude blocking, that has changed in March and to some extent this month. While it has not been a 100% constant, it has been persistent, and after a brief break, will return next week and help shunt an active Pacific Jet a bit further south. This initially further south position of the Pacific Jet will allow storms to traverse the country a bit further south than usual for this time of year, which should be southward enough to give us synoptic forcing for heavy rain.

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