(Tropical Tidbits)

After the heat, blocking and wetter weather return

Good evening, everyone! We currently have a lovely stretch of warm weather coming up that already started today, so get out and enjoy it! While we will not necessarily go back to the consistently rainy and very cool weather from early this month, there are plenty of signs that we will go back to a relatively cooler and rainier regime starting this weekend.

For much of this month, we have had a large blocking pattern near Greenland that gradually retrograded into SE Canada and then the NW Atlantic. It has since dissipated, which allowed for a large ridge to finally move into the East and warm things up. But these blocking patterns often can be persistent and return in a relatively short period of time. We actually had a large blocking pattern in March, too, so this blocking pattern has already repeated itself, which gives more credence to the idea of continued returns of the blocking.

And indeed, that is where we are headed.

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