The importance of the EPO and upcoming cold risks

For some time now, we have discussed the likelihood that colder than normal air would be a common theme in the Northern and Eastern United States during the month of December. Like most things, it was not expected to be constant, but it was expected to be prevalent, and especially when compared to the past few December’s which featured nearly coast-to-coast anomalous warmth in the United States.

After a warm start, colder than normal air invaded the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast during December’s second week. Winter weather threats have followed, with many areas recording multiple snowfalls. While this airmass hasn’t broken records, it has been just as anomalous as advertised, and has had an obvious impact on markets and businesses. After a brief period of moderation, forecast models are beginning to signal the return of arctic air into the USA – and this time it may be more anomalous than before.

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