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Synopsis: A light wintry mix is possible late this morning into early this afternoon, but most, if not all, of the precipitation should pass to our north. Mild temperatures return to the forecast on Saturday, but a backdoor cold front will allow showers to return to the forecast late Saturday through early next week. Updated 4:00am 3/24/17 by DS

Latest Documents: 3/24 Daily Forecast Briefing | 3/24 Daily Hazards Briefing

Daily Forecast

Near Term

Last Updated: 4:00am Friday, March 24th, 2017 by JH/DS

Near Term (through tonight)

A warm front will be approaching the region in the morning hours, with thickening cloud cover during the pre-dawn. As the front approaches, temperatures will have dropped overnight — well below freezing in many areas. Precipitation will approach the area from the west in association with the warm front, but is expected to remain mainly scattered and not heavy. In fact, most of the best forcing for lift will pass to our north, so it’s possible that most — if not all — of the precipitation will pass by to our north.

Still, during the mid morning hours, a wintry mix of precipitation is possible. What may briefly begin as snow will quickly transition to sleet and possibly even freezing rain for brief periods of time. Precipitation is expected to remain showery, but roads may still turn icy throughout the region. Any accumulations are expected to remain insignificant but we still suggest some road treatments in the usual slick spots.

By afternoon temperatures will rapidly warm with the passage of a warm front, into the mid and upper 40’s. This should alleviate any frozen precipitation or prolonged road concerns heading into the evening and overnight period on Friday.

Short/Long Term

Last Updated: 4:00am 3/24/17 by MP/DS

Short/Long Term (Saturday through Monday)

Any lingering showers will come to end Friday evening, as the warm front lifts northward. Later Friday night skies will begin to clear and temperatures will likely stay steady in the lower to middle 40s. Then partly sunny skies and mild temperatures will take over initially on Saturday with a stronger ridging over the region, but some vorticity may sneak into the ridge and trigger some afternoon showers.

A wave of low pressure and a new cold high pressure in SE Canada may combine for showers or periods of rain with the warm front sagging back south as a backdoor cold front by Sunday and Monday.

Extended Term

Last Updated: 7:30am Monday, March 20th, 2017 by MP

Latest guidance shows a split flow and more progressive pattern at end of March and April. Therefore temperatures are likely to run at least closer to normal. But some ridging over Western Canada/Alaska and residual blocking over Atlantic side, will support deep troughiness and confluence with high pressure over Southeast Canada. This could result in more cold fronts, possibly of the backdoor variety with colder airmass. The pacific jet also looks active with number of southern stream disturbances moving across the CONUS.  We can’t completely rule out these cold airmasses and disturbances coming together for more wintry precipitation, especially over the Interior Northeast US. But climatology supports less wintry weather over the region, as move into April.

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