Live Blog: Isaac hammering the Gulf Coast after landfall

Hurricane Isaac made landfall last night, early in the evening in far Southeast Louisiana and had been meandering off the coast before making landfall once again overnight. The storm, now inland over parts of the immediate Gulf Coast in Louisiana, has actually seen markedly improved appearance with increasingly strong and organized rain bands. Heavy rain, tropical storm to hurricane force winds, and impressive storm surge has been hammering parts of southern Louisiana since last night and is expected to continue through today as Isaac moves very slowly. In today’s live blog, we will continue to provide updates on Isaac and reports of damage including flooding, wind reports, and pictures and video. As of the morning advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Isaac continues at Category 1 Hurricane status with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour and is moving Northwest at 6 miles per hour.

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11:35am: The storm surge of Hurricane Isaac has topped a levee in Plaquemines parish. Story is here.

11:30am: Isaac continues to spin in South-Central Louisiana with tropical storm force winds being reported throughout the state. Heavy rain bands moving through Southeast Louisiana continue to impact New Orleans.