Fall foliage peaking in the Northeast this week

The middle of October is always a beautiful time throughout much of New England, and even down farther south into our area of the Northern Mid Atlantic. Although fall foliage season is always changing a bit, this year has featured a pretty average progression of fall colors. The ongoing lack of precipitation in our area may have delayed the colors slightly, but moderate color is working down towards the coast as of the middle of October. High and peak colors have worked into the area suburbs.

Foliage report from October 16th, 2013. Courtesy The Foliage Network.

Foliage report from October 16th, 2013. Courtesy The Foliage Network.

Farther north into New England and New York State, colors are peaking or are already past peak in some cases. As is fairly typical for this time of year, the peak colors are working southwards from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine’s higher elevations towards the lower elevations of New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. The progression usually takes off rather quickly over the next few weeks. So if you’re planning to head up north to get a view of the gorgeous colors — you should do so very soon. In just a week or two, the beautiful oranges and reds will have turned towards winter browns. You can check out a gallery of foliage photos from our area and New England below. If you have some of your own, send them to us via social media or the contact form on our website!