PM Update: Even colder evening on the way

Temperatures plummeted into the upper 20s to low 30s early Thursday morning, and although it remained warmer in the city, many interior areas saw the growing season end. Such was the case for Sussex, Morris, Warren, Somerset and Hunterdon counties in New Jersey. Tonight will offer even colder temperatures, owing to a cold airmass settled in aloft as well as clear skies and light winds.

850mb temperatures have fallen to below -4 throughout much of the area — and temperatures responded today. Highs topped out in the 50’s with blustery west winds, a stark reminder that winter is in fact on the way. The same feel will be in the air tonight. Dew points have fallen dramatically, and the clearing skies and light winds will allow for better radiational cooling. Temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 20s across the interior — and the 30s even in the city.

NAM model, showing temperatures falling into the 20's and 30's overnight tonight into Friday morning.

NAM model, showing temperatures falling into the 20’s and 30’s overnight tonight into Friday morning.

Major solar flare: A nearly X-class solar flare occurred last night, and the flare is earth directed according to the latest models. The result of the earth-directed solar flare could be a myriad of things – but most notably is expected to be the observance of aurora borealis in areas farther south than usual, as well as some wifi and cell signal disruption. The solar storm is expected to begin late October 25, and may continue through October 26. Stay tuned for more details and information as the solar storm approaches.