Pictures, videos of Hurricane Odile slamming Mexico

Hurricane Odile slammed into the Baja Peninsula this weekend, tied for the strongest hurricane ever to impact them in recorded history. The powerful storm was packing sustained winds of 125 miles per hour with with higher gusts as its center passed extremely close to Cabo San Lucas on Sunday Night. The storm has weakened today, but is still churning northwestward. Over the next few days, it will turn eastward as a result of mid level interactions in the atmosphere — and bring the potential for historical rains to parts of the Southwestern United States — Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Pictures and videos of the devastation from the hurricane’s impact along the Baja Peninsula are being posted, submitted and shared at an increasing volume this afternoon. Some of them are compiled below — and we’ll continue to add them as we receive them over the next few days.

The track of the hurricane, including its size and intensity at the time of approach to the area made is a worst-possible situation for the Baja Peninsula and Cabo San Lucas. The storm was established as a major hurricane with incredibly strong winds, and had also piled up an incredible storm surge with large waves. Although shocking to see — the damage photos coming in were sadly confirmation of what meteorologists feared would occur given the forecast model idea of track for the powerful system a few days ago.

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Satellite image of Odile around landfall. (NSFC, Washington Post)