Bright fireball seen in New Jersey, New York Monday

Over 250 reports have made their way to the American Meteor Society in the past 14 hours after a bright fireball was seen streaking through the skies in New York and New Jersey Monday evening. At 6:35pm Eastern, to our best estimation, a fireball soared from east to west through the skies, visible up and down the east coast. The fireball was described as “bright” and additionally as “green and blue with a bright flash”. Most likely, this was a meteor which made its way deeper into the earths atmosphere than most do. The brightening of the meteor occurs as it burns up while entering the earths atmosphere at a very high speed.

The meteor was captured via dashcam video from Peter Czech, who was traveling on 287 near the interchange of Route 10. You can clearly see the meteor streak through the sky on the top right portion of his dashboard camera toward the tail end of the video.

Meteors and fireballs, surprisingly, are not uncommon. The American Meteor Society collects fireball reports and, of course, checks them for accuracy. But fireballs are seen streaking through the skies of the United States more often than you might assume. Obviously, this is especially true during meteor showers.

In addition to the dashboard camera footage, 250 individual reports have been sent in to the American Meteor Society. You can view a conglomeration of the reports by clicking here.