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Clearing behind front, pleasant Tuesday

After elevated thunderstorms brought a prolonged period of rain, lightning and thunder late Monday Night into early Tuesday morning, clearing is expected from west to east by later Tuesday morning. Drier air will surge toward the coast as an upper level system shifts eastward, and the weather will become much more pleasant. Highs in the 60’s are expected as warm mid level temperatures stick around during the early afternoon hours.

The weather on Tuesday afternoon will likely be the nicest of the week, unfortunately. An active and persistent weather pattern is forecast to continue. Making matters worse? High latitude blocking will force an upper level trough underneath it, into Eastern Canada, bringing colder than normal air to much of the Northern 1/3 of the United States. On Wednesday afternoon, a secondary cold front will cross the area — again with potential thunderstorms — and usher in a much cooler airmass.

Not all is lost, however. Thursday and Friday look likely to be pleasant and we won’t see any washouts in the near future. Instead, blustery west/northwest winds will keep high temperatures in the 50’s. You’ll want to have a jacket along if you’re headed out especially in the morning and later on in the evening on both Thursday and Friday.


GFS model showing highs reaching only into the lower 50's on Friday.

GFS model showing highs reaching only into the lower 50’s on Friday.

This general trend looks likely to continue through the weekend. With no widespread precipitation events anticipated, the continued story will be cooler than normal air. Most forecast models agree that highs will stay in the 50’s and lower 60’s on both Saturday and Sunday. West/northwest winds will continue to be blustery on both days.

Long term forecast models don’t offer much hope for warmth, either. High latitude blocking looks likely to support continued shots of cooler than normal air. While the 70 degree temperatures this past weekend were incredibly enjoyable, they may have turned out to be more of a tease than anything else. We will see..