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Cool Friday will lead us into a pleasant weekend

Yes, it was cold out this morning. Temperatures fell into the upper 20’s in the interior early on Friday morning, and the middle to upper 30’s nearer to the city. Urban heat allowed for many areas to stay closer to 40. Regardless of the exact numbers, it was very chilly and a few mangled snowflakes even made it down to the surface as a very weak disturbance kicked off some showers and snow showers this morning. This weather resembles March more than late April, for sure.

The good news is that over the next 24 hours, things will improve. Despite a continued colder than normal pattern, a mid level disturbance will slide south of the region on Saturday. A modifying airmass will allow for temperatures to warm up in the mid levels and at the surface by Saturday afternoon. Think of it this way: An airmass that surges into our area from Canada, this time of year, can’t maintain it’s severity if it’s cut off from the source of the cold air. This allows the airmass to modify to its surroundings, hence why cold air like what we saw this morning doesn’t typically last more than a day or two.

The NAM model suggests temperatures will return into the 60's on Sunday afternoon.

The NAM model suggests temperatures will return into the 60’s on Sunday afternoon.

Nevertheless, temperatures will warm into the upper 50’s by Saturday afternoon, with some high clouds flirting by in the afternoon. A mid level disturbance passing to our south won’t have any precipitation impacts. You can thank the upper level low which brought the cold air today for that — it’s acting to suppress the disturbance.

Despite north winds, the airmass modifies further and high temperatures on Sunday are expected to return into the 60’s. We won’t be totally clear, as fluctuating winds and some vorticity aloft will allow for a buildup of afternoon clouds. But the 60 degree temperatures and sun will certainly feel better than the upper 30’s did this morning.

Next week, we look to return to an unsettled pattern once again, with colder than normal temperatures continuing. I think we can all enjoy the pleasant weather this weekend for now. Happy Friday!