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Weekend will bring improving, warmer weather

The stretch of unsettled weather this week brought about temperatures in the 60’s, with an onshore flow and marine air. Plenty of showers marred the forecast from Monday through Friday, and winds off the area waters meant more humid and cool conditions. Although we are fast approaching the summer season, this week felt more like April than anything else. Luckily, the weekend will be the start of improving conditions and a trend toward at least more seasonable temperatures.

Although winds will be variable, and the coast will remain somewhat cooler than surrounding areas, temperatures will warm into the 70’s during the day on Saturday, especially in the interior. The warm sun will be a welcomed addition to the day, after a cloudy start, given the weather we have experienced over the past week. It will certainly feel warmer than it has in a while. Southwesterly winds will eventually try to take over, and bring warmer air into the area as well.

That being said, a stubborn trough and area of lower heights to our northeast over parts of the Western Atlantic and far Eastern Canada will act to keep cooler air pushing toward the coast from the ocean waters. The southwesterly winds will be fighting this push of air over the next few days — and so the coastal areas may eventually see a disappointing weekend with temperatures remaining cool and clouds sticking around.

The NAM model shows widespread cloud cover returning on Monday.

The NAM model shows widespread cloud cover returning on Monday.

By Sunday evening into Monday, easterly winds will take control and clouds will work back into the area. An approaching low pressure system looks likely to be the focal point for the development of showers and thunderstorms on Monday afternoon — and we may see a rapid warmup during the afternoon on Monday — but not before clouds and marine air take over Sunday Night into Monday.

The weekend, overall, will be pleasant and won’t feature any widespread showers or rain. But the transitional weather and marine air will keep it from being a total winner. Still, after this week, I think we will take it!