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Pleasant, calmer weather takes hold midweek

Wow, what a day! Tuesday was one of the more active severe weather days in recent memory. Tornado warnings, destructive winds and downbursts, dangerous lightning, and hail were all a part of the forecast. A tremendous amount of damage reports were received (we’re still sifting through them) and post-analysis will begin very shortly. The good news? The frontal system has moved offshore, and Wednesday will feature much more pleasant — and most importantly, calm — conditions.

Highs will still reach into the 80’s, so it won’t exactly be blustery or chilly out there. But the heat and humidity which gripped the region on Tuesday ahead of the severe thunderstorms will be washed out. The result will be much more comfortable feeling air. Northwest winds will keep things fresh, and the full sun will keep the air warm.

The NAM model suggests unsettled weather with rain and embedded storms on Friday morning.

The NAM model suggests unsettled weather with rain and embedded storms on Friday morning.

Pleasant weather looks to once again stay in control on Thursday, at least for the first half. Highs again the in the 80’s are anticipated, with plenty of sun to start. By mid day, however, the impacts of an incoming mid and upper level atmospheric disturbance will be felt. High clouds will stream toward the region and become thicker later in the day. Showers and thunderstorms may begin spreading our way by Thursday Night.

The tail end of the week looks continually unsettled. While the big heat and humidity will be to our south (pushed there by Tuesday’s cold front), disturbances riding from west to east will bring enhanced lift for precipitation. Accordingly, showers and thunderstorms could become widespread at times as these disturbances pass by.

Friday morning looks particularly wet, with a dry period thereafter. But the unsettled trend will return by the weekend. Cooler than normal temperatures will be settled in place as well. After the rain on Friday, the warmth will be even further suppressed to our south, and highs will drop to cooler than normal values for the weekend.