Doug Simonian

Vivid sunset wows NJ and NYC behind severe storms

Some have told us that last nights sunset was the “best they’ve ever seen”. While that certainly is a variable statement, the sunset which cast New York City and New Jersey in orange and red hues after Tuesday’s storm was certainly one of the best in recent memory.

After strong and severe thunderstorms brought tornado warnings, hail, wind, and dangerous lightning to much of the area, clouds began to thin out in the wake of a cold front. The result was multiple quick moving cloud decks. Mid level clouds created a beautiful layer as low clouds swept by, and the departing Suns red and orange Rays were able to shine off both of them.

The resulting photos were both phenomenal and captivating with their colors; exposing both the beautiful colors and amazing landscape we are fortunate enough to be able to experience. We have included some of our favorites below. If you have some of your own, reply or email them to us!

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