This weekend could have scenes such as this one at the Verrazano Bridge. (Doug Simonian)

Morning Roundup: Beautiful weather weekend is here

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to safely say that a weekend of straight-up beautiful weather is on the way. Thanks to a post-frontal airmass characterized by relatively warm air and favorable wind direction, this weekend will be a winner. High temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s with plentiful sun and a light breeze are the highlights to dwell on this weekend. Water temperatures at the area shores are finally warming up a bit, too, so heading down to the beach this weekend is highly recommended. Perhaps the most notable of weather changes will be the lack of showers and storms, due to decreased atmospheric moisture. I think we all will enjoy the break after an unsettled week! Here are some weekend highlights:

  • Beautiful weather on both Saturday an Sunday, with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s and plenty of sun. Maybe some high clouds on Saturday morning, especially farther south as s coastal system skirts by. Comfortable winds — including an offshore flow — will keep any disruptive seabreeze or thunderstorm development at bay (no pun intended, we promise).
  • Rip currents and seabreezes, as mentioned above, will be a lower than normal risk. The onshore flow helps to keep these calmer than usual. Sunday, we could see a slightly more prominent current along the shores as the wind direction will start to shift.
  • Unsettled weather will, unfortunately, return for Monday. Winds turn south and then southeasterly, with showers and clouds returning by the second half of the day. It looks like the week ahead will be unsettled, too. But lets not dwell on it for now.