TS Claudette forms, expected to head seaward

Tropical Storm Claudette formed this afternoon, amid a noticeably quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season, to the south of Nantucket. Claudette had been monitored by the National Hurricane Center for the past several days as a potential disturbance, and today it obtained the tropical characteristics necessary to be classified as a Tropical Storm with maximum sustained winds over 45miles per horu.

The Tropical Storm won’t be a threat to any United States shores, however. A developing mid level atmospheric trough will act to steer the system seaward over the next 12 to 24 hours. At the same time, atmospheric shear will increase and the system will head toward cooler ocean waters. Subsequently, weakening is anticipated as Claudette moves northeast in the next 24 hours.

Parts of eastern and southeastern New England may see increased swells and wave heights along the shores, especially on Cape Cod. But in our area, no noticeable effects are expected.

We will be much more impacted by local showers and thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon than we ever will be by Claudette.

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