Evening roundup: Unsettled, humid airmass settles in

Humidity is on the rise today, and the increased atmospheric moisture content led to the development of showers and storms throughout the area this afternoon. This will be the story of the next few days, as atmospheric disturbances provide sufficient lift for the development of precipitation within a moist and moderately unstable environment. While no organized severe weather is anticipated, the moisture in the atmosphere and the lift for precipitation will be enough to trigger showers and thunderstorms capable of producing heavy downpours and lightning with localized flooding. As a mid level atmospheric trough deepens over the Northeast US mid-week, a weak coastal storm system will develop and result in an increase in the coverage and intensity of showers and storms. All of the news isn’t bad, however — the system departs by late week and the weekend looks to again by quite pleasant and warm. Some highlights from around the meteorological community are included below:

  • Showers and thunderstorms will remain possible through this evening, with a localized threat for flooding. Lightning and heavy rain will also be possible in any thunderstorms. Temperatures will remain warm overnight, with humidity remaining high as well.
  • These showers and storms may continue through Wednesday, as a low pressure area develops nearby. Increased atmospheric lifting is indicated on most operational guidance, suggesting the potential for a period of steady precipitation on Wednesday.
  • Tonight, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will send a signal back to earth — signifying whether it made its trip past Pluto safely. It will also send new, high resolution of the planet like we have never seen before.