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NYC goes for an official heatwave today

After two days with temperatures in the lower 90’s, Central Park is vying for an official heatwave today as the warm and humid airmass takes one last stand. Temperatures this morning are already in the lower to middle 80’s throughout the area, but clouds and showers are meandering around the forecast area within the warm sector — or the area of warm, humid air ahead of a cold front.

Later today, however, drier mid level temperatures are expected to promote more sunshine. With warm air still present at many levels of the atmosphere, forecast models are in good agreement that high temperatures will approach 90 degrees once again. Areas in urban Northeast NJ and southwestward toward Central NJ are likely to see temperatures reach into the lower 90’s as well. This third straight day of 90 degree temperatures at Central Park would secure an official, mid-summer heat wave.

Later in the day, showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop back to our west, as an approaching cold front begins to provide lift in an atmosphere already moderately unstable. For our area, the timing of the front will be key — and it will come a bit too late to promote widespread or organized severe thunderstorms.

Still, a few thunderstorms capable of producing lightning and torrential downpours will be a possibility this afternoon and evening. As they move through, the airmass will become noticeably less humid and will cool off by tonight. Temperatures during the middle part of the week, while still warm, are expected to be moderated compared to the past several days with highs in the 80’s.

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