Today's high-resolution NAM Model valid for 2:00am on Tuesday shows a few thunderstorms moving through the area. (

Afternoon Roundup: Showers and thunderstorms late tonight

The stretch of hot weather has continued into today, where temperatures could touch 90 degrees once again. For some of the warm spots, this marks the seventh consecutive 90-degree day. Most of us, however, missed out on a day or two of 90-degree temperatures, so this could be the fifth 90-degree day in seven days.

Fortunately, the past several days, including today, have been much less humid. This has helped it feel quite comfortable outside during the past few days and has also led to gorgeous nights, as many Met fans at Citi Field last night could probably attest to.

Unfortunately, however, southerly winds ahead of a cold front will be increasing later this afternoon and particularly tonight, which will help bring up some more moisture, making it feel more uncomfortable and perhaps fueling some thunderstorms.

The increase in southerly winds may actually prevent some locations along the coast from hitting 90 degrees; NYC has actually been stuck in the upper 80s, while Newark has already hit the lower 90s. Regardless, the rest of the afternoon looks mostly sunny, as any thunderstorm activity should generally remain well to the west.

Here’s what we can expect, along with other general weather highlights: