Passion Puddle at Rutgers University (Doug Simonian).

Beautiful weather to return

Good afternoon! After the first true autumnal cold front marched through the region on Sunday, we have had very refreshing conditions — pleasant, low-humidity afternoons, and cool, crisp nights, with widespread 50s for lows. As some would say, we have had “hoodie weather.” While a big part of that is because of the cold front ushering in a cool and dry airmass, it’s also because we have had onshore flow from a high pressure to our northeast. As we move forward to tomorrow, the flow will turn offshore, which will allow for sunnier skies and warmer temperatures.

Meanwhile, another very cool, pleasant night is in-store for tonight. Some areas well inland or in the Pine Barrens could fall into the 40s, but most areas will have lows in the 50s. Skies will gradually clear as well.

A new area of high pressure will move in from the west, which will cause the onshore flow and lead to sunnier skies and warmer temperatures tomorrow. Highs will generally be in the mid to upper 70s, with continued low humidity, crisp blue skies, and light winds as well. It’ll pretty much be the perfect day.

With the slightly warmer airmass, tomorrow night may be slightly warmer in the city than tonight, though it’ll still be quite the refreshing night with lows in the low 60s. Most other areas will have ideal radiational cooling conditions, meaning temperatures will fall into the 50s once again.

By the time Friday rolls around, that new high pressure system will also slide to our east, giving us essentially a repeat of yesterday and today’s weather, as the flow once again returns to being offshore. Thus, more clouds and slightly chillier weather looks to be in-store for Friday and Saturday, but it will still feel extremely pleasant during the day, and refreshingly cool at night.

Then we watch and hope that a storm system developing on Sunday stays to our south and keeps clouds away for the upcoming Supermoon Eclipse.