Classic ‘Indian Summer’ will warm up the area midweek

The bitter cold temperatures which caused a hard freeze in much of the area on Monday morning are a distant memory, for now. Temperatures during the middle of the week will warm up into the mid 70’s, as a mid and upper level atmospheric ridge builds throughout the area. Southerly winds at the surface will draw warmer, slightly more humid air into the area by Wednesday and Thursday. While temperatures will obviously be a bit cooler near the coast, the air will feel downright balmy compared to what we experienced earlier this week.

The warmth will be driven, as mentioned, by a building mid level atmospheric ridge. Southerly winds, even this time of year, can help to advect in very warm air. This week will be no different. Occurring after the first hard frost freeze, the warmer temperature and southerly winds are a classic ‘Indian Summer’, which by definition occurs “as the thunderstorms and severe weather of the summer give way to a tamer, calmer weather period before the turbulence of the winter commences,” per the National Weather Service.

NAM model forecasting highs in the 70's on Wednesday afternoon.

NAM model forecasting highs in the 70’s on Wednesday afternoon.

While we can’t speak to the turbulence of winter just yet, the pattern will certainly take a cooler turn and become more tumultuous as soon as this weekend. A cold front, which will move through the area by Friday, will bring the return of North winds and cooler air. Temperatures will return to the 40’s and 50’s , with warm southerly winds nowhere to be found.

Our suggestion? Enjoy these next few days, and the warm air that comes along with it. While there are no guarantees at this point, it is fair to speculate that this may be the warmest air we experience for a few months, as winter draws ever closer.