Transitional weather, moderating temperatures this week

While meteorological winter began just about a week ago, it hasn’t shown its face yet. It doesn’t appear that it will for quite some time.

An active, but progressive and warm, weather pattern is expected to continue over the next several days. Mild Pacific air will continue pouring into the Continental United States and, most notably, the cold air we are used to seeing infiltrate our area this time of year will remain bottled up in Northern Canada. While a few disturbances are likely to impact our area, the general pattern will remain progressive and no significant storms are likely.

Through this week, temperatures are likely to moderate — coming off a somewhat cool day on Tuesday. Behind a coastal storm, which scraped just east of the area, cold air will briefly surge toward the coast. Highs on Tuesday may only reach the upper 40’s to lower 50’s even in the city as cold north winds continue. But by the middle to latter part of the work week, temperatures will quickly moderate.

GFS model showing much warmer than normal temperatures at 850mb this weekend.

GFS model showing much warmer than normal temperatures at 850mb this weekend.

Highs will return to the middle and upper 50’s by Wednesday through Friday, with building mid level heights. Even warmer weather looks to be possible toward the tail end of the upcoming weekend, as mid level heights rise further in response to a developing system in the Central United States.

As this occurs, high temperatures may exceed 60 degrees (!!) in some areas during the second half of the upcoming weekend. While a cold front, which is expected to pass the area early next week, may eventually bring in colder air for a brief period of time, it is expected to remain quite transitional — as it has for the majority of this very young meteorological Winter season.