Gorgeous weather will continue through Thursday

Southwesterly winds have taken over the areas weather late this morning, helping to advect in a very warm airmass from the south and west. Temperatures will continue to increase over the next few hours, with record high temperatures in jeopardy throughout the area. This will be especially true over interior New Jersey, where high temperatures may approach 80 degrees at peak heating this afternoon. Closer to the coast, southerly winds may begin to usher in a slightly cooler, more damp airmass at that time.

The wind direction was a major factor in contributing to a seabreeze which developed on Tuesday. Temperatures reached into the mid 60’s, but then quickly dropped near the coast as winds turned southeasterly, off the cooler ocean waters. On Wednesday, a deeper southwesterly flow will help to keep many areas warmer and the seabreeze at bay (no pun intended). Yet, over Long Island, a more southerly component to the wind will still bring in cooler ocean air. Such is life on the island in meteorological Spring.

Visible satellite imagery on Wednesday showing clear skies, allowing temperatures to warm into the 70's.

Visible satellite imagery on Wednesday showing clear skies, allowing temperatures to warm into the 70’s.

Thursday looks likely to be another warm day, and overnight lows from Wednesday Night may only fall into the 50’s and 60’s throughout the area. Moisture will increase, as well, which will lead to more clouds than on Wednesday. But highs will still have plenty of reach into the 60’s and 70’s during the late morning and early afternoon. The possibility exists for a few showers, especially north and west.

All of this warm weather will come to a brief slowdown on Friday, as a weak low pressure system to our north brings a cold front through the area ( we aren’t expecting any significant precipitation with its passage). But overall, through the weekend, the warmth is expected to return, as highs generally float in the upper 50’s to middle 60’s, and no significant shots of cold air are anticipated. I think it’s best put in one word: Enjoy!