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Monday Musings: Snow, rain, and baseball

Happy Monday! We are excited to bring forth the return of our daily musings posts, which will feature an overview of the forecast with highlights of the weather stories from around the area (and occasionally around the country as well). Today is also Opening Day for a large majority of Major League Baseball teams. If you woke up this morning thinking Opening Day would feature chirping birds and warm sun, you were wrong. Instead, you were probably greeted with snowflakes and a nice cold rain.

A broad but relatively progressive low pressure system moving through the Northeast US will continue to provide unsettled, raw, and quite honestly miserable weather conditions throughout our area today. High temperatures will eventually reach into the lower 50’s later this afternoon, but not before hours of cold rain mixed with snow. Wintry precipitation accumulations are expected this morning in the higher elevations, but mainly on grass and cold surfaces. Here are the highlights for the day ahead:

  • This afternoons Yankee’s game is very likely to be postponed. While we haven’t heard anything official from the team yet, forecast models continue to show a frontal boundary hovering near the area with plenty of moisture and lift for precipitation. In layman terms, this means rain is likely and the game is unlikely to be played on time. We’d put the chances of a cancellation at around 70% right now.
  • This storm system will continue moving through the area today, with showery conditions likely through the evening hours. At that point, a frontal boundary will finally push off the coast. Clearing is anticipated later this evening with cold northwest winds ushering in freezing temperatures.
  • That leads us right into our next concern — freezing temperatures! The National Weather Service has issued Freeze Warnings for a large majority of the area tonight into Tuesday morning. Temperatures are likely to fall near or below freezing in many places tonight. Sensitive plants and vegetation will be killed if left outdoors. So don’t do that.
  • While less rain, snow, and miserable weather is expected this week, temperatures will remain well below normal. For detailed forecasts and location-specific information, get your Premium Membership started today.