Premium Weekly Outlook 5/9 – 5/14: More sunshine and warmer temperatures

The omega block pattern that supported that the cool, cloudy wet weather for most of last week, is breaking down. More days with sunshine and warmer temperatures are likely this week, with high pressure or confluence underneath an upper-level low over Southeast Canada, keeping frontal boundary mostly south of the region.  But an -EPO block developing this week may eventually lead some wet weather to return at the end of this week. More technical details on the weather will be discussed below.

First off, today will be a beautiful day. High pressure and confluence from the upper-level low over Southeast Canada will keep a frontal boundary to south of region. More high to mid-level clouds over Central and Southern New Jersey being closer to frontal boundary. While more sunshine is likely further north. West-southwest winds and deep mixing between 750mb and 800mb will cause temperatures to rise into the lower to middle 70s this afternoon. Breezy conditions also likely this afternoon with winds gusts to near 35mph possible this afternoon. These winds will also likely hold off sea-breeze to later in afternoon. So many coastal locations will see warm temperatures as well.

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