Wednesday Overview: Less humid, more stable air is here

At last, relief from the oppressive temperatures and dew points has arrived. A cold front, which passed through the area early on Wednesday morning (not without some fanfare — with widespread lightning and torrential rain) will be the first in a sequence of events marking the end of the ridiculous humidity. While temperatures will reach near 90 once again on Wednesday, dew points will drop as the day goes on, owing to west-northwesterly winds. This will keep the airmass feeling gradually more comfortable than the days prior.

Much of the same is anticipated on Thursday as the airmass becomes even more stable, and the large tropical ridge is pushed back southward nearer to its rightful place. Dew points will fall back into the lower 60’s — so while temperatures are still expected to reach into the upper 80’s, the airmass will again feel much more comfortable. Comfortable weather is expected to continue through the weekend, although a few afternoon storms will be possible on both Saturday and Sunday. We’ve included some weather highlights below for the next several days:

  • The oppressive heat and humidity is on its way out, as more stable air pushes toward the area this afternoon.
  • Temperatures will still reach near 90 F but lower dew points will make the airmass feel much more comfortable.
  • A few scattered storms are still possible during the afternoon this weekend, but no widespread threat is anticipated.