Monday Musings: Cold air, high pressure settles in

Behind the ever-surprising Hurricane Matthew, which offered a last-minute change in track this weekend after several before that, high pressure and more benign weather will finally settle in during this week. While many are taking the day to relax, in recognition of Columbus Day, the chill and blustery winds have the air feeling just like Autumn should, if not a bit colder compared to average.

Much of the same is expected this evening, as the cold airmass settles overhead. High pressure will bring clear skies and calming winds, which will set up ideal radiational cooling conditions throughout the area tonight. We’ve got the highlights below:

  • Cold air settles into the Northeast US tonight underneath a cold high pressure system. Clear skies and calm winds will lead to ideal radiational cooling conditions.
  • Low temperatures falling into the lower and middle 30’s throughout the interior have prompted frost and freeze watches/warnings from the National Weather Service.
  • Cool and pleasant weather is expected through the week, with some moderating temperatures expected by Thursday.

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