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4.29 AM Zones: Morning storms depart, warm weather returns

If you were somehow able to sleep through the lightning, thunder and torrential rain this morning; well, more power to you. But for the majority of folks in our region, the strong thunderstorms which moved through the region in the pre-dawn hours were a rude wakeup call. The event was, nevertheless, quite impressive by overnight thunderstorm standards! A frontal boundary near the area helped to enhance lift for storms to develop as the moved through the area.

Even during the overnight hours, occasionally, these fronts can serve as highways for thunderstorms to travel. Elevated instability (slightly aloft in the atmosphere, instead of at the surface as it often is during the daytime) helped to maintain the storms development while favorable shear (50kts) aided in thunderstorm maintenance. All things considered, we were lucky this event didn’t come during the day; the presence of an elevated mixed layer would have nearly guaranteed a significant severe thunderstorm event if surface instability was more prevalent.

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