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AM Update: Coastal storm skirts by, summer heat looms

A day which once looked lost to the soggy rains from a coastal storm will turn out quite alright, and the weekend that follows will be the warmest of the year. We come bearing good news this morning, because that day is today and the weekend that follows is just over the hill! Yes, we are finally on the tail end of a drawn out dreary, rainy and cool pattern which was brought into our area by the presence of high latitude blocking.

A coastal storm system will skirt the region to the east today, with heavy rains off the Mid Atlantic and Northeast Coast from today in tonight. As this low pressure system develops, swinging eastward alongside a large trough sitting over the Northeast States, rising air is likely to its northwest. This will produce heavy rain offshore, but also allow sinking air (subsidence) to spread into the Northeast during the day.

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