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Transitional weather expected to continue through the week

Happy Independence Day to all of you! While today is a day to spend enjoying with family, friends and loved ones, we’re taking a moment to look ahead at what the weather will have to offer over the coming days. The pattern over the last several days (and even the past few weeks, really) has been markedly transitional — there has been no true established pattern in terms of temperature of precipitation. As forecasters, we are often looking for changes in how the atmosphere will behave — but this pattern doesn’t show any sign of changing.

Forecast models, especially in the medium range, are in very good agreement that the weather pattern will remain progressive and transitional. Multiple frontal systems and low pressure areas are expected to impact the Northeast states, with a few days of warm temperatures followed by chances for showers and storms, and a few days of temperatures slightly below average for this time of year.

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