What the QBO and the sun can tell us about the winter ahead

Take a deep breath — sit back, and relax. You are about to read our first post detailing some early thoughts for the Winter of 2017-2018. August is a bit of an odd time for it, we know. Not every year offers the opportunity to discuss the road to the winter ahead during the month of August. Some years require patience until September or October before we can start discussing early signals with confidence. This year, however, we’re seeing important signs for the cold season already as we speak.

This afternoon, we’re going to take a very early look at some of the significant changes that have occurred all around us since the end of last winter. It’s true — in the time between the day the last snowflake fell in the Northeast states and today, there have been significant changes throughout the atmosphere, in the oceans, and even in the patterns of energy emanating from the sun. All of these things will impact the winter ahead — so lets dive in to what we’re observing so far.

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