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Signals strengthening for Mid December pattern change

Good afternoon! After a long and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend, the meteorological community almost always looks ahead to the weeks to come as December quickly approaches What lies ahead are some of the more critical weeks for many sectors, including construction, energy, natural gas and agriculture just to name a few. The weather pattern that occurs during this time frame is often critical to the winter forecast – not just in the short term, but also in the weeks beyond.

As you may recall, when we released our Winter Forecast in early November, we spoke of the December pattern as “higher than normal” confidence. The anticipated shot of cooler than normal air and episodes of higher latitude blocking have occurred, and we now approach an anticipated period of moderation. What happens beyond this, however, is the key piece to a forecast that features a flip to colder than normal temperatures across the United States. The evolution of the pattern throughout the hemisphere is beginning to fall into place – so lets discuss!

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