First snowfall of the season for the Northeast this weekend

About two weeks ago, it became clear that the weather pattern was set to undergo a significant shift. After many weeks of warmth, a reshuffle was underway in the Pacific Ocean, and the downstream effects of this would lead to colder air with a more wintry pattern in the North-Central and Northeast United States. Two weeks and many forecasts later, here we are. The first snowfall of the winter is set to fall in the Northeast states this weekend, including the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford and Boston.

Forecast models, for all of their benefits, were not keen to signal the potential for snow this weekend until about 24 hours ago. Forecasters had been monitoring this potential quite closely, but a snowfall of any significance always seemed like a long shot in the Northeast States. On Thursday morning, however, it became clear that a significant trend was underway, and forecast model guidance quickly began changing the evolution of the storm system during the weekend ahead.

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