Forecast: Cloudy start, but clearing for the weeks end

NAM forecast model showing low temperatures the morning of Wednesday 10/23/12. Notice how temperatures remain in the 60’s overnight, especially near the warmer oceans.

A stationary/slowed warm front near the area caused unsettled weather beginning on the second half of Tuesday. The unsettled weather is expected to continue through Tuesday Night and into early Wednesday, with a chance of showers continuing throughout parts of the area and clouds hanging around for a while. By later Wednesday, the front will be on the move to the north and east, which should help move the clouds and showers out of the way at least briefly. We aren’t expecting a big warm up, though, as the area will remain in a cool “pocket” of mid level temperatures while areas in the Mid-Atlantic get warmer. Still, high temperatures will get into the 60’s on Wed-Thu and possibly warmer than that on Friday where we could see temperatures move into the mid 70’s in parts of the area.

Tonight:  Mostly cloudy with periods of light rain expected overnight. Southeast winds around 10 miles per hour — raw with the winds off the water for much of the area. Temperatures falling only into the middle 50’s (closer to 60 in the city and near the water). Bring a sweatshirt and/or an umbrella if you’re headed out.

Wednesday: Light rain expected in the morning, with mostly cloudy skies. The rain will become more sporadic by afternoon, with some breaks in the clouds possible…but drizzle will remain a possibility through the day. High temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s north, 70’s south (over Southwest NJ).

Weekend Storm Update: Generally status quo on the potential significant storm system this weekend. Forecast models are still split on potential with roughly half of them keeping the Tropical Storm un-phased with the Eastern US trough and out to sea, while the other half phase the two and bring a large powerful storm near the area (with heavy rain, high winds, beach erosion..i.e a very high impact system). Uncertainty is still higher than normal for a medium range forecast. We will have a full post with updates and potential scenarios up either late tonight or Wednesday.

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