Forecast Express: Mostly cloudy to start Monday with some peaks of sun late, high in the mid 50’s. Cool and damp Monday night, showers and a cold front on the way for Tuesday.

Details: Sunny and pleasant weather which closed out the weekend will be on the way out by Monday morning, as southeasterly winds off the cool ocean waters bring in low clouds. The low clouds are expected to stick around through Monday afternoon, before burning off a bit across the interior. Some drizzle is possible, especially near the coast. Overall, a cooler and more damp feeling will be in the air throughout the day. Despite the warm air moving into the area aloft (way above our heads), temperatures are expected to top out only in the upper 40’s to low/mid 50’s throughout the area. We see this often in the Spring and sometimes even early summer, with the onshore flow keeping things damp, cool, and cloudy in many parts of the area.

By Tuesday, winds are expected to turn more southerly. But plenty of clouds will still be around, ahead of a cold front which will approach by mid week. Temperatures are eventually expected to warm up just ahead of the front — but that will also be short lived. A period of moderate to heavy rain is expected as the front passes, with clearing by mid-late week and colder temperatures eventually following the front.

If you’re feeling ambitious and looking ahead to the medium and long range, a cold pattern looks to settle in with the potential for below-normal temperatures and snow (yes, we said it) through mid to late March. Stay tuned!