Forecast: Dangerous heat wave begins

Monday marks the beginning of what will be an extended period of dangerous heat, as a heat wave grips much of the Northeast United States. Amidst an impressive mid level ridge (500mb heights at 600dm over the Ohio Valley) temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 90s throughout the area. Dew points rising towards 70 will complicate matters, as heat index values will approach or exceed 100 degrees.

The shore may not provide as much relief as usual, either, as west-northwest winds will at the very least mitigate a strong seabreeze from pushing inland. Warming ocean waters have been noted over the past several  days as well.
The National Weather Service continues a Heat Advisory for New Jersey, New York City Metro, Southeast New York and Connecticut through the middle of the week. Forecast models, additionally, indicate that the heat could continue through the end of the week and into the weekend.
As we look ahead to the weekend – the forecast doesn’t get any more pleasant. In fact, a cold frontal boundary approaching from the northwest will eventually run into this hot and highly unstable airmass. The result, not surprisingly, could be a widespread severe weather event. The Storm Prediction Center has already highlighted our area for potential organized severe weather next Saturday.
With an active and hazardous weather week forthcoming, we encourage you to stay tuned for further updates. We will be covering the heat and severe weather potential throughout. Stay cool!