Friday Forecast: East winds briefly take over

It’s finally Friday! Temperatures started out a good bit cooler today than they have the past several, with lows in the 40’s across the interior and temperatures in the low 50’s even in the city and urban areas of Northeast New Jersey. They will, of course, rise this afternoon — but not as much as the typically would. Highs will only top out in the 60’s throughout much of the area. The reason? The east winds are at it again. Low level winds will flip to easterly, an onshore flow, this morning — and put a lid on temperatures while keeping the air cool.

Forecast models are fairly adamant on the idea that there won’t be much in the way of low clouds initially, so we won’t be sitting in fog and dreary weather all day today. These clouds will likely develop mid-day near the area beaches and shores, as they almost always do when there is an onshore flow. But even where the sun is out,  it will feel quite cool — especially given the fact that temperatures were hot and humid just over a week ago. The brisk, cool weather won’t dominate the weekend, however. The winds, which flip to easterly today, will continue turning to southerly on Saturday and Sunday — ushering in warmer and slightly more humid air ahead of a frontal system.

This brings us to the weekend forecast, which is actually fairly straightforward (for once). Winds will turn more south-southeasterly by Saturday, and temperatures will rise both aloft and at the surface. Highs will be noticeably warmer, in the mid to upper 70’s throughout the area after some initial fog and drizzle. And by Sunday, these winds will have turned straight out of the south — which will bring even warmer temperatures in, however brief it may be. Highs on Sunday afternoon will reach into the 80’s, ahead of a cold front (in the warm sector).

NAM model forecast for Sunday, showing highs in the 80's.

NAM model forecast for Sunday, showing highs in the 80’s.

This low pressure system will swing through Southeast Canada and the interior Northeast on Sunday evening, bringing a cold front through our area later on Sunday into early Monday. The frontal timing, later in the evening on Sunday, suggests we won’t see much in the way of thunderstorm activity — but we could still hear a few rumbles and see some lightning in any more established storms as the front comes through. The main story, though, will be the showers and temperature drop behind the front for next week as fall air will return.

But, hey. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. The weekend is just starting.