Coastal storm departs, beautiful weather returns

Our products are a bit late this morning (forgive us, we spent the night at Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium) — but they won’t come without any good news! The coastal storm system which marred yesterdays weather, bringing widespread rain and clouds, is shifting well to the northeast of the area this morning. Taking over in its wake are northerly winds, drier air, and a beautiful autumn airmass. Temperatures today will climb into the mid to upper 70’s still, but will feel perfectly comfortable as humidity values drop and moisture moves seaward, associated with the coastal storm.

The best news of all, however, is the fact that this weather looks to continue into early next week. In fact, airmass modification will allow temperatures to climb into the upper 70’s to low 80’s on both Saturday and Sunday with a tremendous amount of sunshine. Dry offshore winds will keep away any marine influence, as well, so the weather really will be exceedingly pleasant. The mid level ridging will keep this pattern in place through the early part of next week.

Last night didn’t come without any dramatics at Yankee Stadium, as I’m sure you all have heard. We were lucky enough to spend the night there — to experience some incredible, emotional moments as a sports fan. The weather, too, cooperated beyond what we could’ve hoped for. The mid level dry slot to the west of the coastal storm moved through Eastern New Jersey and New York City at a perfect time, allowing moisture to be shunted eastward and showers to end. Not a drop of rain fell during the time the game was played at Yankee Stadium last night.

Not much rain will fall over the next several days, either. The next chance would come during the latter half of Monday — if a mid level disturbance tracks a bit closer to the coast. Although there is plenty of mid level ridging to support pleasant weather, it is a “dirty” ridge as meteorologists refer to it. What this is means it that there are multiple pertubations and nuances within the ridge which could cause unsettled weather — yesterdays storm being a good example.

So while the weather this weekend looks exceedingly pleasant, we’ll have to watch a few disturbances early next week. For now, we enjoy a stretch of wonderful autumn days. Happy Friday!