PM Update: Cloudy, damp behind backdoor front

Ah, that phrase again. Backdoor cold fronts often manifest themselves in New England and the Mid Atlantic during the transition seasons of Autumn and Spring. This year, of course, is no exception. We had plenty of them in the Spring, and this is our first of Autumn. We even wrote a detailed breakdown of how they work, and why they affect our area. Regardless, a backdoor front associated with a mid level disturbance overhead slipped past the region yesterday, and we’re feeling the full effects of it today with cloudy and damp weather.

A weak low pressure system off the coast is bringing enhanced rainfall to parts of Southern New England, Eastern Long Island and Connecticut tonight. The best forcing and lift for rain will remain to the east of the areas, but periods of more steady rain and showers are possible through tonight and into Thursday. Tonight, as a result, will remain quite cool and damp. We suggest bringing a jacket if you’re headed out. You may want to carry an umbrella along, too, just to be safe.

Thursday will feature a continued chance of showers as that coastal system pivots before moving northeastward. We’ll then see things start to clear out a bit by Friday, ahead of an approaching front to our west. In fact, Friday could be a bit warmer and more pleasant if the models are correct in moving the coastal system away fast enough.

NAM model showing showers affecting our area through Thursday.

NAM model showing showers affecting our area through Thursday.

By the afternoon on Saturday, models are in good agreement that precipitation from a cold front will be approaching our area. Showers, maybe a thunderstorm, and a period of heavy rain is likely along this front. It’ll all come ahead of below normal temperatures and a large upper level trough, which will progress toward our area early next week as we discussed yesterday.

The weather is active, and seasons are changing. It’s an exciting time of year!