6z NAM 39hr 2m temps

Beautiful, Dry Weather Continues Through Thursday

High pressure is giving us gorgeous day for this Wednesday.  Temperatures already in well into 50s across the region this morning. High temperatures will be reach at least the middle 60s for much the area this afternoon. Some inland spots over New Jersey may see temperatures take a run at 70 degrees again this afternoon. Sea-breezes this afternoon will keep temperatures somewhat cooler near the shores.

Tonight skies remain mostly clear with temperatures dropping in the middle to upper 40s. Then tomorrow will be another gorgeous day, with mostly sunny skies. High pressure will shift offshore with more southwesterly winds, causing temperatures to warm back up into upper 60s to lower 70s  tomorrow afternoon. Clouds will start increase Thursday night and Friday morning as a cold front from the west approaches the region. Low temperatures Thursday night will be in lower to middle 50s. A few scattered showers may arrive late tomorrow night or Friday morning.

The 6z GFS showing cold front trigger showers across much of the region by Friday afternoon.

The GFS showing cold front trigger showers across much of the region by Friday afternoon

But showers are more likely by Friday afternoon and evening with the cold front passing through region. If clouds break for any sunshine during Friday, the atmosphere will become warmer and more unstable. So isolated thunderstorms with heavy downpours would also be possible. These showers or thunderstorms could impact the Tampa Bay vs Yankees game on Friday evening. Check our SportsCast for more forecast updates on this game.

This cold front move east of region with clearing skies later Friday night. A slightly cooler, more seasonable airmass moves in this weekend again. But it continue to be gorgeous with lots of sunshine and high temperatures in the lower to middle 60s for both Saturday and Sunday.